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Converting Excel Doc (with Macros) to Web Based Application

Date posted: March 4, 2015
Payment method: Fixed
Budget: $
Estimated end date: 2015-03-09

Project Description:

Please refer to attached Excel file – “Quote Tool” & associated Word Master template “Quote Master”

These are files that we use to generate customer pricing & customer quotes.

Currently these Excel & Word linked files operate fine on a PC, however when we try to use them on a MAC we have problems with the functionality of the Excel spreadsheet.

We have tried using remote desktop software approaches, however this has not helped.

We are looking for solutions to this problem.

Possibly this may involve;

* A very basic website (not visible to the public) that MAC users can log into and use the Excel file via the website to create the Word quote on that platform that can then be downloaded to their computer.

We would need to have the flexibility to regularly (every 1-2 weeks) upload new versions of the Excel file as our supplier pricing changes. To a lesser extent we would occasionally need to upload new versions of the Word file (6-10 weeks).

* We are open to other potential solutions

Additional Project Description:

03/02/2015 at 19:23 EST
Note: In order to properly see the functionality of the Spread sheet & Word Doc you will need to do the following on your computer:

1) Save both files to the one folder on your computer
2) Open the Excel spread sheet
3) Select the SETUP button
4) Point the Excel file to where the Word doc is (Cell B8) and select
5) Point B23 & B24 to the same folder (A new Word doc and Excel doc will save to this location when “Make Quote” is selected.)

Skills required:
Excel, HTML, PSD to HTML, Website Design

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