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Singapore Web Developers for Social projects

Date posted: March 5, 2015
Payment method: Fixed
Budget: $
Estimated end date: 2015-03-11

Project Description:

Hello there, I’m looking for someone who can build a new marketplace website with new concept for social purposes. This website will create a stream of revenue for welfare organizations in Singapore and also will create social awareness to the public on the importance of our welfare organizations and their roles in our communities.

Will mainly look at Singapore developers only. If you’re keen to come on board as partners, do let me know too, we can explore :)

Here are the main functionalities of the website.

1. Login & sign up
2. Buy & sell
3. Listing
4. Price offer
5. Payment gateway
6. Points & Rewards system
7. Reviews & Ratings
8. Location services

Do let me know if you can do it and we can have a long term working relationship in Singapore as I run a company here and I do have a few projects on hand now.


Thank you :)


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