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Digital Menu for Android Tablets (7 and bigger inches screen) for a Café & Bar

Date posted: March 2, 2015
Payment method: Fixed
Budget: $250.00
Estimated end date: 2015-03-05

Dear Freelancers,

We are in need of an Android App for our Café&Bar of which has approximately 50 tablets, the application should be suitable with android 4 and newer versions, also we need a PC interface to edit Menu ingredients, pictures etc.
Here are our needs;
1-All products, dishes beverages etc. should appear in the Menu with pictures and ingredient+calorie details (an empty space would let us to write manually)
2-It should be possible for customers to order from tablet and the orders can be seen in Kitchen application real time via wifi.
3-App should keep order history in tablets ROM and could be printable in excel
4-App should have a clean and nice interface
5-It should be possible for customers to call a waiter (assistance) to the table
6-App should have a personalised feedback system where admins can ask questions and customers could give ratings (anonymous and/or with customer ID)
7-We want to insert our own advertisements at some pages to show promotions discounts etc.
8-It should be also possible to insert 3rd party advertisements.
9-Customers could rate the food that they ordered.
10-Finally everything could be changable (photos, infos, feedback questions, interface, background photo, resturant icon etc.) with PC interface.

Bidders should agree on making some changes after our review. We need this App until the end of March 2015. Payment will be done after our review.

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