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Sales Manager

Date posted: April 20, 2015
Company: Practos
Salary: $
Work type: Full time
Procure Global Reference: PGREF1131

Position description

It is part of Practo’s stated vision to enable every patient to access his/her healthcare
records in a digital format, anywhere anytime. Practo believes that this one thing alone
will hugely improve the effectiveness and quality of patient care.

It is in the backdrop of this grand vision of Practo, that the company has defined the role
of all its staff members, including that of the members of its Sales Force.

The vision for Practo Sales team is to digitize every single clinic, nursing home and
hospital in the country. In simpler words make each one of them use a software to
manage patient records.

It is a mammoth task and can be only achieved through an active presence in every
corner of the country. To achieve this objective in a focused and scientific manner, the
market (India in this case) has divided into small units called ‘Territories’, which is
generally a collection of adjacent localities within a city. Each of these Territories is
manned by a Territory Sales Manager (TSM).

A Sales Manager (SM) is typically responsible for all sales in a Cluster of Territories, and
thus becomes the person responsible to ensure the sales of ‘Practo Ray’ to all the
healthcare establishments – clinic, nursing homes and hospitals – in that Cluster of

Each SM’s dedicated and focused effort, thus, is critical and crucial in making sure
Practo’s grand and noble vision becomes a reality.

More specifically, a SM is responsible to make sales ‘happen’ in the cluster of territories
managed by him, through his team of TSMs.

The SM has to lead his team of TSMs with energy and passion in order to achieve high
sales numbers month after month.

The Job Description

1. To relentlessly chase, achieve and exceed sales targets of his team, as defined by
superiors, namely the Regional Sales Manager & the City Sales Manager.
2. To read, understand, absorb, retain and practice the Practo Way of Sales, one
hundred percent
3. To ensure his team implements and practices the Practo Way of Sales one
hundred percent, in letter and spirit.
4. To ensure a healthy bank of well qualified leads for each of the territories being
managed by him directly
5. To ensure that the daily meetings takes place everyday with the team to review
a. previous days interactions
b. current day’s plan c. overall sales pipeline built for the current month
6. To ensure Weekly reviews take place individually with each team member to
a. To analyse the less than ‘benchmark’ efficiencies, and identify the reasons
for the same
b. To communicate the reasons to the Team member and guide, motivate
and ‘push’ them towards the benchmarks and beyond
c. To review the incentive earned by each team member and motivate him
by sharing data of other top incentive earners and setting the incentive
goal for the coming week
7. To ensure that he/she leads from the front by being actively present in the
market with his/her team member to –
a. help them with sales closures
b. give on ground constructive feedback for improvement
c. keep their overall motivation levels high
8. Sales Administration
a. To drive CRM implementation within his team
b. Making sure the revenue collections for the sales closed by his team
members is 100%
c. To ensure the highest standards amongst his/her team with respect to
integrity and commitment (high and intense effort levels)
d. To maintain high levels of motivation across his/her team by consistently
ensuring a high quality learning and professional experience and thus
minimize attrition

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