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Design a Website Mockup for a Luxury Yacht Sales Company

Date posted: March 3, 2015
Payment method: Fixed
Budget: $5,000.00
Estimated end date: 2015-03-18

Contest Brief

Website Brief – www.Bristow-Holmes.com

Company Profile:
“Bristow-Holmes” is a start up Yacht Sales Company being created by one of the industries leading yacht salesman. Harry Bristow-Holmes; the company director and founder is 29 Years old and has over 15 years experience in the Yachting Industry having sold over 200 luxury motor yachts in the last 8 years alone. The company specialises in selling New and Used Boats to high net worth individuals from all over the world. The value of the boats/yachts being marketed for sale ranges from 500,000 Euros to 40,000,000 Euros. The company founder has experience in creating websites and branding and has been responsible for the following websites/brands in recent years:

http://www.sunseekerlondon.com – Developed and implemented this new website for Sunseeker London (a lot of ideas here will need to be carried across in a more visual/fresher way)

http://www.sunseekerbrokerage.com – Developed and designed specifically to offer Brokerage (second hand) Vessels for sale. Done on a shoe string budget with slightly more flexibility than http://www.sunseekerlondon.com

What are we looking for?
A visual and animated user experience that showcases the type of Boats/Yachts offered for sale by the company as well as showcasing the various other products offered for sale by the company under the different menu options. The website needs to have a fresh, modern approach that reflects the company’s profile and clientele and showcases the products both visually and clearly. The website must maintain a luxury/classic feel yet through the icons, buttons, animations, mouseovers, navigation menu and graphic/fonts used it should also reflect the young edgy side of the company.

What is the Colour Scheme?
The company logo is attached; this clearly showcases the colours being used as well as the company’s youthful and edgy feel. The vision for the website is for it to be predominantly black backgrounds with the majority of text in white. Red text is reserved solely for the logo and perhaps certain mouseover features where applicable and bold overlaid text where applicable.

Demographic of Site Users?
25-60 Years Old
High Net Worth Individuals
Time Poor – Needs to be quick to load and information clearly laid out.
Relatively little technical knowhow and computer knowledge – menu needs to be extremely clear and easy to navigate
Using Computers/Tablets and Phones – Website needs to work across all platforms

Competitor Websites for Inspiration and Insight into the industry

Page within the website are as follows:
– Home Page (Logo should link to home)
– Yacht Finder
– Brokerage Boats
– New Construction
– Charter
– About Us
– News
– Toys
– Berths
– Search Feature Needed

Some key features that need to be in the design:
– Live Weather Widget on the homepage/menu structure – Want to show the temperature and icon for the weather on the homepage for the various office locations (London, Monaco, Miami, Istanbul, Sydney) not sure where this will go on the homepage but it will showcase the various offices (locations are where we have offices) and the weather at the same time. (See http://www.superyachtsmonaco.com for the idea)
– Live Chat Feature – This needs to be linked to a computer/mobile device and we need the ability to turn the Live Chat Feature on/off at various hours of the day (manually). This will need to be on every page of the website so a classy icon and permanent location needs to be chosen to be used across the entire website.
– Loading icon needed while page/images load so users are not left wondering whats going to happen – Company Logo filling up with colour for example)

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