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Creating Regular Changes and Updates to Two Websites

Date posted: March 4, 2015
Payment method: Hourly
Hourly budget: Skilled - (25-50 USD)
Project duration: over 6 months/ongoing
Project workload: 20 per Week
Procure Global Reference: PGREF825

Project Description:

I’m with a company that does $100M in annual revenue.

We are looking for 1-3 skilled PHP developers with bandwidth to:

– Make ongoing changes and updates to existing websites. Developers will be given access to a test server environment to make all changes, and our IT staff will port over changes to the live site. This would pay hourly or a fixed rate by project.

– Create re-builds of two existing sites about once a year. We like to change the design regularly. We would want to pay on fixed, project-based fee.

– Create a new, third website eventually and provide ongoing support as well.

We have used a few local web development companies in the past. However, project management skills and bandwidth (being able to finish our requests in days or weeks, not months) have been an issue.

Thank you,


Hours of work: Unspecified Project Duration: Ongoing

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